What is a

Therapy Dog?

A Therapy Dog is a dog is unique in that has been tested in multiple rigorous situations for the ability to interact happily and calmly with the people and environments they visit.  

Necessary qualities include:

- Overall Temperament
- Tolerance of Physical Contact
- Social Acceptance of Other Dogs
- Reaction in Stressful Situations
- Crowd and Noise Tolerance
- Age, Gender and Racial

Name: Bearette
Breed: Mixed Breed
Birth Place: Hong Kong 2006
Adoption: 2006

 Mixed Breed
(born in Hong Kong)

Bearette was adopted at 4 months old after being found alone in the woods.  She was a smart and playful puppy who was very athletic and an excellent swimmer.

Although originally trained as a Therapy Dog, Bearette also doubles as a medical Service Dog for her handler Janice. Bearette is a visitor to many restaurants and shops around Nevis who understand she provides necessary medical support. We are thrilled she is sharing her kind and gentle nature with the many people she visits around Nevis!

Agricultural Fair Contest Winners, 2014

Name: Ninja
Breed: Mixed Breed
Birth Place: Nevis 2013
Adoption: 2013


Mixed Breed

(born in Nevis)

Ninja was abandoned in a field a left tied to a tree to die. Even though Ninja was starving, he ignored the food he was offered focusing only on his need for human contact.  Realizing his special connection with people, Ninja was brought back to health, tested and trained for Therapy Dog work.  Following his first successful year of being a Therapy Dog, Ninja's keen senses have been further trained to support his handler, Janice, as a medical service dog!

Ninja's first assignment was in July 2014.  Therapy Dog Ninja visited the young and brave Amelica. At the age of 12, Amelica underwent surgery and now has a steel rod and over 70 screws in her spine.  Amelica often suffered from intense pain and was unable to leave her home. During our visit to see Amelica, Ninja brought smiles and laughter to a pained Amelica and they parted being great friends. What a special day for both of them!

Ninja's First Therapy Dog Visit, 2014