The Barking Lot Cafe-

The Barking Lot Café at Nevis Animal Speak is a non-profit center designed to provide 

free animal welfare education to the children of Nevis.

Working with the Department of Agriculture, Nevis Education Administration and Social Services, The Barking Lot Café offers a physical location to be used as an education center to learn about living with, and understanding companion animal welfare.

Through a holistic approach, every class incorporates the Love, Kindness and Respect principal. Teaching children how to see and understand the basic needs of companion animals, they naturally transfer these experiences to more positively interact with each other and the environment around them.

The Barking Lot Café offers a small retail space, coffee shop and dog play area where all purchases will help to fund and keep education programs free. The center is run solely through volunteer support, donations and retail shop purchases.

We encourage Nevisians, Kittitians and visitors of all ages to visit The Barking Lot Café to learn about our programs talk to people who can answer your questions ranging from flea and tick concerns to behavior and training.

We are open to the public on Saturday's from 10am-2pm and any additional days by
appointment only 

Please email us if you would like more information or would like to volunteer.

Sincere Thanks,

Nevis Animal Speak, Inc

The Barking Lot Cafe
Nevis Animal Speak

Located in Cades Bay, Nevis, West Indies

Our Mascot, Rastafurrian!

A little pup to help welcome those who help support animals on Nevis

November 27, 2016

                      WELCOME ALL