Nevis is known as a tourist destination that has  hosted the rich and famous including movie stars, politicians and rock stars. Unfortunately, Nevis also harbors a problem that upsets tourists and business owners alike.

The feral (wild/unowned) cat and dog population in Nevis has negatively impacted how visitors view our country.  Stories of locals selling puppies they "found," starving dogs on the beaches, and families of roaming cats have made people ask why Nevis doesn't do something. 

Most animals are not spayed or neutered and roam free being allowed to breed out of control.  Although some people love and want to do what's best for their pets, the education regarding uncontrolled breeding is limited and has created a population overload on the island.  Desperate for food, dogs have been known to attack livestock and and cats and dogs alike will forage through any garbage they can find.  Hotels and resorts are known to "take care of this problem" when they feel it starts impacting their guests, but this is a very short term solution.

We need your help to work on long term solutions giving tourists more reasons to spend money on our local goods instead of being distracted by the despair of our animal population.

Animal Friendly Travel Guidelines